Annual Report 2023

Managing the policy on supporting surrounding communities

The initiatives we support and/or promote are monitored and assessed as to the impact they have. We strive to ensure that resources are allocated to projects that reach the greatest possible number of people and/or generate the greatest and best outcome.

Besides carrying out follow-up visits to institutions of whom we have initiated ongoing cooperation agreements to perform in loco quality assurance on infrastructures and services provided to the people supported, we measure whether and how the desired social changes have occurred by applying the criteria of the Business for Societal Impact (B4SI) methodology1. Based on these criteria, and applying the methodology – for reasons of minimum materiality – to each of the institutions we support annually with a value of at least six thousand euros, we estimate that around 45.5 million euros2 allocated in 2023 to 220 organisations positively impacted more than 2.2 million people. Support was mostly in the form of in-kind donations and focused on improving social well-being.

Social impact measurement


Social impacts’ measurement – Support (donut chart)
The total percentage may not correspond to 100% due to the rounding up of each item.


Social impacts’ measurement – Scope (bar chart)
The total percentage may not correspond to 100% due to the rounding up of each item.

Impacts on beneficiaries

Impacts on Beneficiaries (donut chart)

As in previous years, the majority of beneficiaries surveyed by the institutions that support people in need every day (87.5%) reported positive impacts in their quality of life. These institutions also report the support provided has enabled them to offer or improve their services.

Benefits for charities

Benefits for charities (donut chart)

We also seek to train people in socially vulnerable situations, to reinforce their probabilities to succeed in the labour market. In 2023, 380 of employees in Portugal and Poland took part in on-the-job training programmes, resulting in more than 84 thousand hours of mentoring corresponding to a value over two million euros3.

1 The global report on the key indicators relating to community support, based on the B4SI model, is available on our corporate website on the Supporting Surrounding Communities page, and is verified by an external and independent entity.

2 This value refers to the activities/projects measured with the institutions and beneficiaries thereof supported by the various Group Companies and which have a minimum level from which significant social impact data can be considered. It does not, therefore, correspond to the total amount of support offered by Jerónimo Martins.

3 In 2022 we reviewed the methodology associated with the internship programmes considered in the social impact assessment.


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