Annual Report 2023

Awareness campaigns

We hold various campaigns to raise awareness among employees, customers and surrounding communities on the importance of individual and collective behaviours in protecting the environment. The table below highlights some of the projects implemented in 2023.

Awareness campaigns of note






“Did you know that you can make organic fertiliser/compost using fruit peels?”




In February 2023, Ara1 used social media to raise public awareness of the importance of composting at home, with step-by-step tips.

“Do Like Grandma Did”




In August, the online campaign “Act jak Babcia” (Do Like Grandma Did) was launched in partnership with Onet ACT NOW, sharing videos depicting the sustainable methods and practices our grandmothers used to reduce food waste and recycle.2

“Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment” (an APED initiative)


Pingo Doce


In September, Pingo Doce launched the Portuguese Association of Distribution Companies (APED) campaign “Recycling household appliances is as easy as shopping!3” in its stores (including Madeira), with the support of ERP Portugal, Electrão and E-Cycle, which ran until 16 October. The goal is to help Portugal meet European and national targets, and to raise public awareness on recycling electrical and electronic equipment, strengthening Pingo Doce’s commitment to promoting waste recovery.

“Recycling Always Works”




In December, Amanhecer stores and waste management company Novo Verde launched a digital campaign to encourage the Portuguese to separate packaging for recycling.




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