Annual Report 2023

19. Borrowings

This note provides information on the terms of loan contracts and other forms of financing. For further details regarding the Company’s exposure to interest rates see note 27.

19.1. Current and non-current loans

As of 31 December 2023 and 2022 JMH did not hold any bank loans or loans from Group companies.

19.2. Loan terms and maturities

JMH uses, with other Group companies, grouped credit lines, which means that the maximum amount approved by a financial entity can be used simultaneously by more than one company. The amount of credit lines granted to JMH which are not being used amount to €117,100 thousand (2022: €98,500 thousand).

19.3. Bank loans: commercial paper

There are several issued bank loans in the form of a commercial paper program, in the global amount of €215,000 thousand (2022: €215,000 thousand), with variable interest rate. At the end of 2023 and 2022, no amount of these credit lines was being used.

19.4. Financial net debt






Financial lease liabilities – non-current (note 11.2)





Financial lease liabilities – current (note 11.2)





Interest on accruals and deferrals





Bank deposits (note 16)





Short-term investments (note 15)










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