Annual Report 2023

76. Key Characteristics of the Supplementary Pensions or Early Retirement Schemes For Directors and Statement on the Date When Said Schemes Were approved at the General Meeting, on an Individual Basis

At the 2005 Annual General Meeting, a Retirement Pension Plan for Executive Directors was approved.

It is a Defined Contribution Pension Plan, in which the value of the contribution is fixed in advance – the percentage of the monthly deduction for the Fund is currently 25% – the value of the benefits varying depending on the earnings obtained. The Remuneration Committee defines the contribution rate of the Company.

Plan Participants, as defined in the respective regulation, include the Executive Directors of the Company. In the specific case of Executive Directors in office at the time of the 2005 General Meeting, those who opted for the current Pension Plan would forego eligibility for the Alternative Pension Plan, by way of expressly and irrevocably waiving it.

The retirement date coincides with the day itself or the first day of the month following the month in which the Participant reaches normal retirement age, as established into the General Social Security Scheme. A Participant will be considered to be in a state of total and permanent invalidity if recognised as such by the Portuguese Social Security.

The pensionable salary is the gross monthly salary paid by the Company and any of its direct or indirect subsidiary companies, multiplied by 14 and divided by 12. To this fixed monthly amount is added, at the end of each calendar year, a variable amount comprising all the amounts received as variable remuneration from said Company and subsidiary companies.

The Remuneration Committee may determine the Company to make extraordinary contributions on behalf of the Participants, including through the redemption of life insurance, if this proves to be appropriate in light of the reasons that led the shareholders to approve such an amendment to the Pension Plan in 2020 This possibility is in accordance with the remuneration policy in force, namely in the case of short contributory careers or misaligned with the benchmark or in the event of a mismatch between the contribution period and the career at the service of the Company.

Whenever the Participant, despite continuing to meet eligibility conditions, starts to perform a function that, under the Remuneration Policy that is in force, does not provide for the existence of variable remuneration, to the mentioned fixed amount will be added, annually, an amount corresponding to the last variable remuneration earned, updated in the same proportion as the fixed remuneration.

Additionally, concerning Directors who were in office at the date of the said 2005 General Meeting, the complementary pension or retirement system regime applies, and under the terms of the respective Regulation, Directors have the right to a Complementary Pension at retirement age, cumulatively, when they: i) are over 60 years old; ii) have performed executive functions; and iii) have performed the role of a Director for more than 10 years. This supplement was established in the 1996 Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting and only those Directors that have not opted for the Retirement Pension Plan mentioned above may benefit from this supplement.

The Retirement Pension Plan revoked and substituted, as from the date of its approval, on 30th March 2005, the complementary retirement plan that already existed in the Company without prejudice to acquired rights.

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