Annual Report 2023

46. Details of Services, Other Than Auditing, carried out by the External Auditor for the Company and/or Companies in a Control Relationship and an Indication of the Internal Procedures for Approving the Recruitment of Such Services and a Statement on the Reasons for Said Recruitment

During 2023, the non-audit services requested by Group’s Companies to the External Auditor and other entities belonging to the same network totalled 56,497 euros, relating to support services in the field of human resources, and limited assurance services on sustainability indicators.

All these services were necessary for the regular activity of the Companies of the Group and, after due analysis of the situation, the External Auditor and/or the entities belonging to its network were considered as those which could best perform the said services. Besides being carried out by employees who do not participate in any auditing work for the Group, these services are marginal to the work of the auditors and do not affect, either by their nature or by their amount, the independence of the External Auditor in the performance of its role.

As a result of the procedure mentioned in point 37., all services to which is made reference above were subject to prior approval of the Audit Committee, duly substantiated.

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