Annual Report 2023

1. The Capital Structure (Share Capital, Number of Shares, Distribution of Capital by Shareholders, etc.), Including an Indication of Shares That Are Not Admitted to Trading, Different Classes of Shares, Rights and Duties of Same and the Capital Percentage That Each Class Represents (Art. 29.º-H/1/a of the Portuguese Securities Code - PSC)

The Company’s share capital is 629,293,220 euros. It is fully subscribed and paid up, and divided into six hundred and twenty-nine million, two hundred and ninety-three thousand, two hundred and twenty shares with a nominal value of one euro each.

All issued shares are ordinary, there are no other categories of shares, and all shares have been admitted to trading on the Euronext Lisbon stock exchange.

The Company’s shareholder structure is the following, with reference to 31 December 2023*:

The Company’s shareholder structure (bar chart)

* According to the last communications made by the shareholders with qualifying holdings to Jerónimo Martins, SGPS, S.A. up to the said date, being assumed that the number of shares owned is equivalent to the number of voting rights, unless otherwise disclosed to the issuer. See, point 7.

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