Annual Report 2023

70. Information on How Remuneration is Structured so as To Enable the Aligning of the Interests of the Members of the Board of Directors With the Company’s Long-Term Interests And How It Is Based on the Performance Assessment and How It Discourages Excessive Risk Taking

As results from the Remuneration Policy described in point 69, remuneration is structured in a way that allows alignment between the interests of the Board Members with the long-term interests of the Company.

The existence of fixed and variable components of remuneration and the fact that the definition of the variable remuneration depends of a framework of key quantitative and qualitative business dimensions and key performance indicators (KPI’s), being the definition of the variable component of the CEO remuneration based on the achievement of those KPI’s foreseen in the Group’s business plans approved by the Board of Directors, cause that management’s evaluation is made taking into attention the interests of the Company and its shareholders not only in the short term, but also in the middle and long-term.

Within the parameters of the remuneration policy in force, and to ensure alignment with market best practices, the Remuneration Committee deemed adequate to review again the process of defining targets and assess performance for Directors with executive duties, namely the Chief Executive Officer, having followed-up the progress in both qualitative and quantitative targets on a quarterly basis. It also defined clear and measurable qualitative targets, namely by getting access to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) reports.

Based on a rigorous and thorough analysis of multiple sources of evidence both internal and independent, the Remuneration Committee followed closely the progress of several performance indicators, both quantitative (sales growth, net earnings, EVA and gearing) and qualitative (strategic direction and resources allocation/investments, organizational health and talent management, and multi-stakeholder relations).

As referred in point 69., the Company did not enter into any contracts with its Directors which intend to mitigate the risk inherent to the variability of remuneration set by the Company.

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