Annual Report 2023

A. Composition

16. Articles of Association Rules on the Procedural Requirements Governing the Appointment and Replacement of Members of the Board of Directors (Art. 29-H/1/h PSC). Diversity Policy.

Art. 1 of the Regulations of the Company’s Board of Directors foresees that the composition of this body will be decided in the General Shareholders’ Meeting pursuant to the terms indicated in paragraph one of Art. 12 of the Articles of Association, and that it will be presided over by the respective Chairman, chosen by the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

Paragraph number three of Art. 9 of the same Regulations prescribes that in the event of death, resignation or impediment, whether temporary or definitive, of any of its members, the Board of Directors will agree on a substitute. If the appointment does not occur within 60 days of the absence of the Director, the Audit Committee will be responsible for appointing the substitute.

As referred in point 12, the Company promotes that the proposals to be submitted by shareholders for the new term of office of the governing bodies, are substantiated as to the suitability of the profiles, knowledge and curricula to the function(s) to be performed by each candidate.

Under the terms of Art. 289, no. 1, d) CCC, the proposals for the appointment of members of the Board of Directors (as well as other corporate bodies) have made reference to the professional qualifications and professional activity, in the last five years, of the individuals proposed by the Company’s shareholders for appointment. Such elements were sufficient justification in regard to the suitability of the profile, the skills and the curriculum vitae to the duties to be carried out.

Diversity Policy

In Portuguese company law the shareholders have exclusive competence to appoint the members of management and supervision bodies of companies.

Hence, considering that the shareholders are not to be confused with the Company, it is not possible for the latter to define or enforce a diversity policy as is foreseen in Art. 245-A, no. 1, r) of the Portuguese Securities Code, as amended by Decree-Law no. 89/2017, of 28th July, which stood in the period under analysis.

Notwithstanding the above, as referred in point 12., the Company continued to urge its shareholders in the notice dated March 27, 2023 for the Company’s General Meeting, held on April 20, 2023, to, in the construction of proposals to be presented for new terms of office of the governing bodies, consider diversity requirements, with particular attention to gender diversity, as legally required, and also to contribute to a better performance of such bodies and to the balance of its composition, taking also into account, namely, criteria such as competence, independence, integrity, availability, and experience.

On the other hand, it can be concluded that in selecting the members of management and supervision bodies of the Company (respectively, Board of Directors and Audit Committee), the shareholders have been taking into account diversity criteria that seek to combine the individual attributes of each of the members, such as independence, integrity, experience and competence, with the specific characteristics of the Company, e.g., its governance model, its dimension, its shareholder structure and its business model.

It can be continued to be said that, in the current structure of the Board of Directors and of the Audit Committee, the shareholders have maintained the safeguard of gender diversity, age diversity, qualification diversity and professional background diversity, as can be seen in “Statutory bodies”, and in points 17 to 19, and 26 of this chapter.

In this regard, it is also important to mention the Plan for (gender) Equality 2023-2024, disclosed by the Company and which can be consulted on the respective website, where are stated, namely, the goals to be achieved by the Company, the specific measures to be implemented, who is responsible for its implementation, and which indicators shall be used to measure the achievement of such goals.

Therefore, the Company considers to have adopted the said diversity criteria and requisites through its enunciation in the notice dated March 27, 2023 for the Company’s General Meeting held on April 20, 2023, in this document and its approval by the Board of Directors and by its shareholders.

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