Annual Report 2023

83. The Envisaged Contractual Restraints for Compensation Payable for the Unfair Dismissal of Directors and the Relevance Thereof to the Remuneration’s Variable Component

There are no contractual restraints for the compensation payable in the event of dismissal of Directors without due cause. This matter is regulated by the applicable law.

Likewise, the termination of duties of members of the Company’s committees shall be governed by the provisions of the applicable legislation.

In any case, it is reaffirmed, as was already stated in Point 69., that, in accordance with the Remuneration Policy approved at the 2021 General Meeting, the Company has not and will not adopt any policy or execute any contracts or agreements with directors, members of the Audit Committee or members of the Company’s Internal Committees, related to the performance of their duties, applicable notice periods, termination and payment clauses associated with the termination thereof.

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