Annual Report 2023

2023 Highlights

We adopt best practices and define quality standards throughout the supply chain, in line with our Corporate Responsibility strategy, which is based on five pillars that cut across all our businesses and are summarised below, along with some results achieved in 2023.

Promoting Good Health through Food

Making quality, safe and affordable food available.

Close-up of a plate with potatoes, fish and vegetables (photo)
  • We have prevented 130.2 tonnes of sugar, 62.8 of fats, and 25.2 of salt from entering the market with the nutritional reformulations of our Private Brand and perishable products.
  • We now have 1,520 gluten-free product references (6.4% more than in 2022) and maintained the 87 lactose-free references.
  • The artificial colouring and flavour enhancers have been eliminated from 100% of our Pingo Doce Private Brand products and from 100% of specialised perishables in Portugal.

Respecting the Environment

Reducing the environmental impacts of our operations and supply chains.

Aerial view of a distribution centre of Jerónimo Martins (photo)
  • Our carbon footprint is 24% smaller compared to 2017 in absolute terms (scopes 1 and 2).
  • We ended the year with photovoltaic panels installed at around 780 stores and distribution centres.
  • Pingo Doce was awarded four stars from the European Lean & Green initiative, the first company in Portugal and the fourth in Europe to receive this recognition.

Sourcing Responsibly

Integrating social and environmental criteria throughout the supply chain.

Close-up view of tomatoes on a tomato plant (photo)
  • We are committed to ensuring that at least 80% of our food purchases are sourced from local suppliers, a target that exceeded 90% in 2023.
  • Our Private Brand and perishable products with sustainability certifications accounted for more than 13.4% of the sales in these categories, above 65% more than in 2022.
  • Pingo Doce was the first retailer in Portugal to sell antibiotic-free and animal welfare certified chicken produced in Portugal.

Supporting Surrounding Communities

Fighting hunger and malnutrition, particularly in the communities in which we have operations.

Person packing tomatoes into a grocery bag (photo)
  • The amount of direct support granted, in cash and in kind, totalled more than 87 million euros, an increase of around 6% compared to 2022.
  • Pingo Doce was the official food partner of World Youth Day (WYD), donating food worth over 2.5 million euros and, together with Jerónimo Martins, channelling more than 3.2 million euros for monetary support.

Being a Benchmark Employer

Creating jobs, ensure fair and adequate pay, and provide safe and stimulating working environments.

Employees celebrating and clapping at an Ara store (photo)
  • We invested 312 million euros in recognition measures for employees in Portugal, Poland and Colombia, 8% more than in 2022.
  • A total of 36.3 million euros were invested in internal social responsibility programmes, 93% of which allocated to family well-being programmes, and 7.9 million euros to well-being measures.


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