Annual Report 2023

C. Powers and Duties

37. A Description of the Procedures and Criteria Applicable to the Supervisory Body for The Purposes of Hiring Additional Services From the External Auditor

According to the provisions of Law no. 148/2015, of 9th September, the provision of services other than audit services, is subject to the verification of its adequacy (under the point of view of threats to independence and safeguard measures that eventually may be necessary) and prior approval of the Audit Committee, duly substantiated.

This Committee defined through a specific regulation the services that cannot be provided by the external auditor, following the provisions of European legislation and the Legal Regime of the Portuguese Statutory Auditors.

In order to ensure the independence of the external auditor, this regulation also provides for the responsibility of the Audit Committee to verify, follow and monitor the independence of the external auditor, having to monitor the services provided by the external auditor, ensuring that it does not provide the Company with services other than accounting that cannot be provided and are listed in said regulation, as well as to evaluate the threats to the independence of the external auditor, the applied or to be applied safeguard measures, proceeding to their discussion with the external auditor when deemed necessary. It is also up to the Audit Committee to evaluate on an annual basis the work performed by the external auditor, including on what concerns its independence and suitability for the performance of its duties and to implement any other measures deemed necessary to ensure the independence of the external auditor.

At the beginning of each year, the Audit Committee approves a list of services, in addition to the audit services, which may be provided by the external auditor during that year, which are considered to be pre-authorized, as well as establishing the maximum amount for hiring the external auditor by the Company or by entities belonging to the same network to provide such services in that year. This list includes services that require certification by the Statutory Auditor, in matters of compliance with legal obligations that are based on information collected during the fieldwork of the external auditor. In addition to these, all other pre-authorized services are in no way related to matters subject to audit, being limited to ancillary work duly identified, carried out by employees who do not participate in any audit work.

If it is understood that it is the external auditor, or entities related to him, who are in the best position to carry out any additional work that is not pre-authorized, specific approval by the Audit Committee is required, upon presentation of proposal by the management bodies, justifying the reasons for such choice, as well as how the independence of the external auditor is safeguarded.

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