Annual Report 2023

B. Functioning

24. Details of Competent Corporate Boards Undertaking the Performance Appraisal of Executive Directors

The assessment of performance of Executive Directors is made by the Remuneration Committee, elected by the General Shareholders’ Meeting (see points 66. et seq.).

The Remuneration Committee is in charge of, in the scope of the Remuneration Policy, assessing the individual and collective performance of Executive Directors, evaluate their influence and impact in Jerónimo Martins’ businesses and assessing their alignment with the medium and long-term interests of the Company.

As referred below (see point 27.), currently there are no committees composed exclusively by Directors. Notwithstanding such fact, the performance of Executive Directors who are part of mixed committees (i.e., also composed of Non-directors) is evaluated by the Remuneration Committee, in the terms referred above.

Additionally, every year, on November, the discussion within the Board of Directors of the strategic plans of the Group and of the different areas of business has underlying the performance evaluation in the year of the Board of Directors, the existing Internal Committees, and of the Chief Executive Officer, taking into account not only qualitative aspects, by comparison with the plans and approved budgets, but also the main projects under course, including those of portfolio expansion. Such yearly performance evaluation is afterwards complemented at the time of the approval of the Management Report and of the accounts.

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