Annual Report 2023

C. Committees within the Board of Directors and Board Delegate

27. Details of the Committees created within the Board of Directors, and the Place Where the Rules on the Functioning Thereof is Available

Currently – without prejudice to the Audit Committee to which is made reference to in points 30. to 33., being the Regulation of the Audit Committee available on the Company’s website, through the link mentioned in point 61. – only the Committee on Corporate Governance and Corporate Responsibility (CCGCR), referred on point 29. has, among its members, a majority of Company’s Directors and is considered to be a Company Internal Committee in the sense that continues to be given to this expression in the 2023 IPCG’s Recommendations.

There are also other committees created in the Company, composed by Directors and by other individuals who are not Directors, analysed in point 29.

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