Annual Report 2023

Strategic positioning


Jerónimo Martins operates mainly in the food area, promoting, through its Companies and its Private Brands, the availability of food solutions and products that are safe, healthy and affordable for everyone. Respect for all stakeholders and commitment to the principles of sustainable development are an intrinsic part of its strategy for growth and value creation in the short, medium and long term, aimed at contributing to the prosperity, the cohesion and the well-being of the communities that its businesses serve.

As an intrinsic part of our sense of corporate citizenship, we incorporate, in a clear and committed way, environmental and social concerns in the pursuit of our business. This involves adopting policies and practices that focus on fighting climate change, deforestation and pollution, preserving the environment, biodiversity and natural resources, reducing the use of polluting materials, increasing recycling and the recovery of the waste generated by our activities, as well as promoting respect for and defending human rights and the principles of diversity and inclusion.

Two employees working in the butcher of a Biedronka store (photo)

We take our responsibility towards the planet and the communities where we operate. As food specialists, we are committed to promoting good food habits and contributing to healthier societies. As a benchmark employer, we are committed with having a positive impact on the life of our employees who, every day, contribute to build and to enhance our businesses.

As a result of our competent work, the efficiency of our operations, the strength of our brands and our market positions, our investors receive a consistent return on investment.


The way we fulfil our Mission is shaped by our Values and Behaviours. They are the same for our Companies in all countries where we operate, and they translate as follows:

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We raise the bar

We are restless and we do not settle. What we do is beyond expectations, we never accept the status quo and we encourage others to do the same. We believe there is always a way to do better and to overcome the most demanding obstacles. This is why we never give up. We are always ready to try and to take calculated risks, without compromising what needs to be done.

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We count on each other

Together we are stronger. We collaborate and share. We believe each person’s development must be encouraged so that we are all able to achieve the most ambitious goals. We work hard to make sure everyone is heard and that we learn from different people and perspectives. We value our achievements and celebrate success.

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We believe in doing the right thing

What we do is as important as how we do it. We are accountable for our decisions, and we don’t lie. We act ethically and with integrity and our long-term decisions take into account our people, our clients, our communities and our shareholders. We treat with dignity and respect those who are part of our business.

Strategic vision

The Group’s strategic vision is based on promoting profitable and sustainable growth, through three key guiding principles:

  • Leadership: strong banners and brands that enable to achieve and reinforce leadership positions in the markets where it operates;
  • Responsibility: continuous assessment of the impact of the business on the environment and society, an active and significant contribution towards improving the quality of life of our employees, their families and the communities, and towards sustainability as a whole;
  • Independence: careful management of the balance sheet and supply-chain to ensure the continuity of operations and autonomy in strategic decision-making.

Within this context, when doing business, the Group’s Companies have three areas of focus, common to all the countries where we operate, and which reflect the strong sense of purpose that guides Jerónimo Martins:

  • Consumer: democratise access to quality food products and solutions, guaranteeing maximum security and savings for those who choose our proximity stores, in which perishable products and Private Brand play a central and strategic role in promoting health through food;
Person putting groceries inside a shopping bag (photo)
  • Employee: provide a healthy work environment, a fair and adequate remuneration, answers to the needs and vulnerabilities, and development opportunities within the organisation, in order to promote their well-being and a feeling of personal and professional accomplishment;
Supermarket employee supplying fresh fruit in the fruit department (photo)
  • Business partners: establish long-term relationships that enable shared value creation and the growth and development of the Group’s strategic partners, and that ensure the sustainability of the supply chain and innovation that enhances the attractiveness and relevance of our value propositions’.
Employee doing a quality control of grapes out in the vineyard (photo)

Operational profile

The operational positioning of the Group’s Companies reflects an approach focused on value and quality, underpinned by a mass-market strategy designed specifically for the markets and communities in which they operate.

The Group offers proximity and convenient food solutions that are appropriate for all consumers, at very competitive prices, which requires operating with maximum efficiency and lean cost structures. All value propositions are clearly customer-centric and marked by a strong differentiation in three essential aspects: the variety and quality of fresh food products, leading Private Brands and a pleasing store environment.

The success of the Group’s formats is leveraged on market leadership, which allows it to reach a dimension that is fundamental to create economies of scale, which, in turn, enable the increase of logistical and operational efficiency. Such scale allows offering the best prices and boosts notoriety and trust, so essential for building lasting relationships with strategic business partners and with the consumers who choose our stores.


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